A Good Day

It was my birthday. There were phone calls and texts and facetimes from the family. Regular readers know that the grandsons live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, the granddaughters in Block Island, USA, the sisters in Ireland, the nephews and nieces in various other locations far from Edinburgh, so the time differences stretch the calls … More A Good Day

Collective Weather

Wet weather days have led me to attempt to tidy up the desktop. I mean the computer one. I have several physical desktops as I work/read/idle where I feel like being, and that depends a bit on the weather too. The laptop just comes with me, or the book. I don’t feel disorganised or untidy, … More Collective Weather

Blossom – Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese cherry blossom for which they have a festival. The cherry blossoms on the Meadows here in Edinburgh have a festival all by themselves. Last week the trees along the walks had buds, sort of dark red, with green and those of us who have been here before know that soon the … More Blossom – Sakura