Different Views, Changing Season

Quite a bit has come my way in the past two weeks that brings up that tricky question of mindsets. I can put that several ways: Stuck – can only look from this place – anything else seems like loss of identity can imagine how others might look, even though I would not open to … More Different Views, Changing Season

Rydal Cave Walk

My nephew Mike married Meg last weekend, a little help from baby Ray. On the Sunday many of us joined them on a walk to Rydal Caves – setting out from White Moss car park in the Lake District. It was misty and magical, a fitting end to a happy warm occasion, though the walk … More Rydal Cave Walk

Want to be wild

I recently went back to worrying about the monetary system and why we have such a disastrous construct. Money is not physics, nor a virus, people/society made it the way it is. Worse, so many people who should know better, are caught in money myths. I watched some of the Positive Money short videos, everyone … More Want to be wild