Different Views, Changing Season

Quite a bit has come my way in the past two weeks that brings up that tricky question of mindsets. I can put that several ways:

  • Stuck – can only look from this place – anything else seems like loss of identity
  • can imagine how others might look, even though I would not
  • open to different kinds of seeing – goes with not-knowing and uncertainty being a genuine place
  • ready to change mindset, without losing oneself, which is such a contradiction that it rarely happens

Like said last post, we, many family members, and many people we had not previously met who belonged to another family, went to a wedding. In Covid times. Idiots. Should know better. Well two weeks later, after numerous test and trace experiences, happy to record that only the groom and his brother-in-law actually got a dose of COVID, fortunately each mild, but of course all the rest of us had to engage in careful activities and had to cancel various other plans. Coincidentally, we have just had a report on the UK government’s handing of the CoronaVirus Crisis, and Jem Bendell of Deep Adaptation put out an interesting blog post where he asked for a citizen’s response rather than the usual for or against positions. You might want to read that, it is thoughtful.

For some known only to itself brain reason, this reminded me of the arguments way back in 2000s about the Block Island Wind Farm – the first offshore wind in the great US of A, where the againsts ranged along the diesel generators [then private company] is fine; it will spoil our view; it will kill seabirds; the sea floor will be destroyed; and of course … it is another profit making company [true] and they dont care about us anyway. All sorts of delays, similar to those we still see responding to any change, especially climate change or its driver, the way money is created.

I even got a letter published in the local paper giving my support, basically I said we need to do it, and sort whatever problems there are when they arise, and the corporation profit problem is of course a much bigger argument to be looked at everywhere, even where you buy your coffee. And, BTW, the sea and its floor around the supports is now a thriving new ecosystem of all sorts of weed and creatures that rooted themselves there almost as soon as the supports went down. the fishermen and tourist trippers like it.

Who knew? Enough about that. I wrote a poem about it too – it was also published in the local paper. so there are always a lot of different views. Mine is something like try to find the baby and don’t throw it out even if the bathwater is pretty dirty. So thinking a lot about that I wrote a on my other more serious blog about MONEY, a causative factor in all out worlds problems. And the conclusion I come to is that the problem, problems, lie in our mindsets. This is stuff about personal opening to responsibility and loss, and surprise surprise, in life’s great contradictory enactment, in comes the change, the lightness, the joy of living no matter how dirty most of the water we swim in happens to be.

Photos of the beautiful Edinburgh, from the past week, and I forgot to take any when walking with grand-niece yesterday, she came for a quick visit to open days, thinking about future. Think about all our young people’s future. In the week when COP26 starts in Glasgow, yes, protest, act, or choose a different way to pay attention, be ready to change and see what comes. See Cop 26 Coalition and their enlightenment in a deep sense. Or, if you are like me, and like academics and psychology, try Climate Psychology Alliance, or the Monetary Reform people, links here. The first photo is of the labyrinth in George Square Gardens, a gift place to walk, especially as the season changes.

What do you think?

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