Year End

A mild day at the end of another year, though it rained this morning. Lots to read – but thought I would be better out walking while the light lasts and the rain has gone. I crossed to St Leonards and walked down the steps from there, not too mucky. It was Friday, and there … More Year End

Walks, Presencing

Walking on Christmas morning, Edinburgh people will know where I was – at the duckpond by Holyrood [St Margaret’s Loch]. It just happened that the sun was catching the city as I walked home. I have had a couple more walks since, caught the moon in the blue sky, and then this morning was entranced … More Walks, Presencing

December Presence

Soon it will be solstice and the days will begin to lengthen. I quite like getting up in the dark, but then as afternoon falls away quickly I think of longer light. I am reading McGilchrist: The Matter With Things” very slowly and have reached Part II. In between picking this weighty tome up, I … More December Presence


it is over a month since I posted, and if I was to be asked, I don’t know why. I don’t think I have been much busier than usual. However, it is December, and I always have very mixed feelings about this month. However, I put “the decorations” up today, and enjoy doing that, and … More Decorating