Cramond Isle

Yesterday, Sunday, a friend suggested a walk. Where to go? I remembered Cramond Isle, last visited in a Spring three years ago, and looked up the tide tables. For those who do not know, Cramond Isle lies in the Firth of Forth just off Cramond Village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and there is a causeway, a concrete left-over from defences in now long ago wartime. This can be crossed only at low tide; there is a roughly 4 hour window when it is safe to do so.

Early start would work – the buses don’t run that early on a Sunday in front of my home so the first photos are of Spring Time in Princes Street Gardens while I waited, having walked down to there, for a bus that would take me to Cramond. The Gardens are beautiful. This is Edinburgh City Centre, early on a Sunday morning [it is an amazing city].

Then … after a longer wait than advertised – I guess the driver of the early bus was late – I finally got out there and found Friend waiting on the bench over looking the start of the Causeway. The tide was at its lowest, we would have time to reach the island [about 20 minutes across the Causeway] then have an hour to wander around. It is important to return in time, as the tide comes in fast and the water is deep. An hour is plenty of time, it is a very small island, the views are wonderful, the flowers in the grasses are lovely, the beach is full of a variety of shells, and eastern edge of the island was covered in rocks and bracken, still brown stalks, and moss on the rocks. The bracken and prickers will be waist high soon. The rocks were a bit of a challenge, so we scrambled up the hill and found the central path, then came back by the the western edge which is sandy pebbly beach.

So we had a great walk. We nearly decided to walk the sands coming back, and then thought better of it, as there were a few runnels of water visible, and there might well be more that although passable would definitely wet the feet. So we returned to the stretch of muddy concrete that is on the other side of this last photo. Then coffee stop, before home after a lovely morning, and still quite early for lunch.

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