Edinburgh – my city?

During August, in Edinburgh, everything changes. There are some great shows happening … but for me it is too hard to find them among the enormous number of shows, gallery exhibitions, concerts, films, discussions, etc. that make up the festivals of Edinburgh in August. Look them up, the International Festival, the Film Festival, the Book Festival and the Fringe. These pictures are from a walk into the centre a few days ago. People everywhere, crowds, cars and traffic, and also nearly everywhere, food, and eating places. See the photos from the way home through Bristo and George Square, on-street cafĂ©s everywhere.

Then the last photo is on the fence right outside my home, I am glad I do not have a car. Tomorrow, there will be “filming”. Goodness, should I stay in or go out, and be caught on camera the way these others have been caught on my camera?

What do you think?

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