Beautiful Day

Not every day is beautiful, not every morning begins with gladness, however I might wish. This morning, I wakened from restless dreams. Thanks to the bounty of apples from a friend’s allotment, breakfast was good, but restlessness was still present. I thought a walk to George Square and the Labyrinth would keep me sane away from the endless sychophancy of reporting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I forgot. Because today was the last day, of funeral and burial, it is a Bank Holiday and guess what, the George Square Garden gates were shut.

Thinking of the day before, when I had lunch with friends who had just been on a “Mushroom Workshop” that sounded pretty interesting, I realised I could just enjoy walking and taking photos of the fungus that always emerge/ grow/ show themselves during September.

At the lunch we had also been talking about that wonderful book by Merlin Sheldrake: Entangled Life, that has as subtitle “How fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape our futures”. So it was in my mind as I walked on past Tollcross and back over Bruntsfield Links. There, something is happening, diggers and earthworks below Warrender Park terrace instead of the usual grassy bank. I had been walking quite a while, feeling much better, so just idly curious, knew I could find out later what that is about, and instead thought that I was now very close to Detour, a favourite local coffee shop.

So I walked on to Detour, and while there really enjoyed the coffee, the cookie, and the usual people watching. I always have pencil and pad with me,so I doodled a poem, find it here and played with ideas.

Having put myself into a really good mood, it was rather good that it was followed by a trip to the favourite local fruit and veg shop, as I needed basics like potatoes. They also had bags of very nearly overripe avocados on sale, therefore when I came home I made some very good guacamole.

This was followed by a pleasant afternoon with Edinburgh son, and when I returned home in the early evening, I made some fresh bread to have with the guacamole for tea. I always said I would not post pictures of my food assuming it would not be of any interest to anyone but me, now I am in such a good mood, I can break the rule. It is part of the good day, I realise maybe that is why other people post about their food!

Why am I in a good mood? Because as well as the poem I wrote “entangled” thoughts on my other blog, the value of Each Moment, I know how fortunate I am. More and more, in spite of the troubles in the world, and they do invade my space often enough, I am learning to be present in each moment. There is so much to see, much of it is beautiful. Like the robin, behind the ugly chicken wire fence.

The robin was hopping around behind the netting on the neighbour’s front yard space, when I left the house this morning, and when I returned. I had not seen him before today.

It has been a beautiful day.

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