Where am I now?

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I have three sons – one lives and works in China, his wife is in New Zealand, and my grandsons have been here, there and everywhere. I do not know when their lives will change, though of course it will eventually.

My second son lives in Rhode Island, USA, with his wife and my three granddaughters.

My third son, who is a writer, is in Edinburgh.

Wherever I am I miss somebody. I spend as much time as possible with or near each family and love the experience of the different countries in which we live, however much I do not love the problems, personal and global, of getting there and however much I miss those who are where I am not. The world is wide.

There is no way we will ever be all together in one place. Not even for my funeral. I do carry a donor card, so when I die, just give whatever bits of me are useful to whoever can use them, and go out and look at the stars. Write a poem, go online, be compassionate to the next person you meet, for me… or for yourself … or for them.

The world is very wide and also very small now we have internet, and travel. How long will it last? I am not at all interested in shopping, and manage most of the time with a carry-on amount of luggage, so long as I have my communications stuff with me. I am fascinated by the processes of culture, different cultures, and how many we can each inhabit at one time.

So – just go to the blog homepage and guess where I am or where I have been, maybe where I will be next.

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