Whack a Mole

Our world monetary system has a systemic purchasing gap. ‘Purchasing gap’ means that all the costs of making something, or offering some service – initial capital or training, paying for the time taken to do the work etc, is always more than the price that buyers have available for the product. You might not believe … More Whack a Mole

2020 Vision

20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual clarity or sharpness of ability to see. HaHa, Will 2020  bring the peace and goodwill to all the Christmas season has tried – now and again – to express? There are interesting if not cheerful facts on World Beyond War. Will 2020 bring much clarity … More 2020 Vision

Goodbye 2019

Having said goodbye to the Christmas guests, having had a great time at Carol Services and Scottish Ballet and walks and talks, I found myself with just the walks. Also during this year I had said Goodbye to Block island, and Hello Edinburgh. With UK in the throes of Brexit, and will we won’t we … More Goodbye 2019

Dreich Days

It is end November, so no surprise that here it is dark for quite a lot of the time as we are less than 4 weeks away from the shortest day. It is especially dreary on dreich days, so as today was different with forecast crisp and cold … but clear… I took the 29 … More Dreich Days

How will you pay? should be: Who will Pay? Where does Money Come From?

Here in getting-very-dark-early Edinburgh, the climate is being fairly kind, if a little bit cold. But news is dreadful with floods and fires, enough to drown in sadness and grief or blaze with anger. Then get mad at election reporting, and impeachment, and on and on. Out walking shows the trees now mostly shorn of … More How will you pay? should be: Who will Pay? Where does Money Come From?