Beautiful Days

Block Island is always beautiful, and the weather is changing daily, so walks vary from a still day at Andy’s way, to out in the wind with tossed waves last week, to a glorious day of warmth, blue sky with white cloud patterns and an almost translucent rainbow within one of them. I had the … More Beautiful Days

They also serve

Remember that quote They also Serve who only Stand and Wait I was waiting, again. I knew they were going to do that. We keep trying to teach kids not to knee jerk – called delaying gratification – be emotionally aware – wise. But those jerks have done it again. The two countries I supposedly … More They also serve


Travel again – we think of it as “on the move”, but most of it seems to be far too much sitting still, in minor discomfort, and not nearly enough moving. Goodbye New Zealand, hello Edinburgh. I have acknowledged to myself that it feels like going home. Even though I spend most time and energy … More Reflections