A good week

I am writing of a good week to remind myself at some future date that there are often times which pass in friendship and pleasure even though at the same time there is news of grief [death and illness of friends of friends], and wider news or non-news of climate emergency about which little seems … More A good week

First Walk of 2023

I have had a Happy New Year walk to one of the favourite places: Blackford Pond. As most who read this know, I like walking. After last year’s descent into difficulty with maybe sciatica, maybe stenosis, maybe just too sore to walk much, I am now really really appreciative of every step taken, and full … More First Walk of 2023

Living in Winter

There are bright frosty mornings this week, encouraging walking. Having watched the not-so-well old trees being carefully brought down on South Meadows walk, I remembered that quite close by were some of the best trees in town, that I love to see throughout the year. In Grange Cemetery I suppose trees are well nourished, though … More Living in Winter

Leaves and Lions

Some readers will know that I have been indoors for two weeks with a long-lasting but mild attack of Covid. This afternoon, restless instead of listless, the test line is pale pink not red, I thought I can go out in a mask, stay away from others, and they will be safe enough, and I … More Leaves and Lions

Beautiful Day

Not every day is beautiful, not every morning begins with gladness, however I might wish. This morning, I wakened from restless dreams. Thanks to the bounty of apples from a friend’s allotment, breakfast was good, but restlessness was still present. I thought a walk to George Square and the Labyrinth would keep me sane away … More Beautiful Day

Summer activity

We all know that the weather happens to favour living in Scotland at the moment anyway, not subject to heatwave distress, just getting some rather nice days and evenings. I was worried that the garden wasn’t getting enough rain, and carrying water downstairs is tiring good exercise, but yesterday we got a good rainshower, so … More Summer activity