A Good Day

It was my birthday. There were phone calls and texts and facetimes from the family. Regular readers know that the grandsons live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, the granddaughters in Block Island, USA, the sisters in Ireland, the nephews and nieces in various other locations far from Edinburgh, so the time differences stretch the calls … More A Good Day

Blossom – Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese cherry blossom for which they have a festival. The cherry blossoms on the Meadows here in Edinburgh have a festival all by themselves. Last week the trees along the walks had buds, sort of dark red, with green and those of us who have been here before know that soon the … More Blossom – Sakura

Happy Day

If you happened to think my last post was a wee bit OTT, or maybe “she has been on her own too long”, this one is back to describing the lovely life I live in between all the serious stuff, and rants that happen, quite rightly in my opinion. There is a lot of reason … More Happy Day


Sun and wind this morning for cycle ride and walk on Blackford Hill. Home, good tired feel, came across this poem and realize – again – sometimes other people have already said what I want to say, so beautifully. KINDNESS by Naomi Shihab Nye Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future … More Kindness

Learning to Look

Sometimes it seems that I have too many disparate things in my life and I can’t pay attention to all of them. I care about the climate crisis and racism and misogyny and all the other discriminations and inequalities and the way hardly anyone thinks about money, apart from wanting enough, or more, rather than … More Learning to Look

Kindness, and Loss

I have discovered a book called Choosing Earth, and even better, the author Duane Elgin offers it free in a pdf. I like that, belief in a gift economy matters. Of course if you like the writing, then it is also available to buy, kindle or copy for the shelf. There is a video too, … More Kindness, and Loss

Talking to Strangers

On my walk this morning it was bright – though very cold. The crocus have emerged from the muddy grass and brighten the near view, while the further vista looks very peaceful. As I took the photos of the crocus, a family came across, the mother carrying the youngest child, and a girl and boy … More Talking to Strangers