Time to spend

Traveling again, a brief trip back to Edinburgh. Now, getting away involves getting the boat, this is ┬áBlock Island, so even though the plane leaves late evening, I found myself in Boston by midday with time to spend. So I visited the Museum of Fine Art. The photos will remind me of some of the … More Time to spend

Song and dance, celebration and struggle!

Chinese New Year celebrations this morning: A “lion dance” outside the supermarket that is of course open for business. I am not looking [much] at news from elsewhere. Ugh noises. But I am thinking about economics [again], how to eradicate the dreadful inequalities, how to look after this wonderful earth, etc. Scroll down for a … More Song and dance, celebration and struggle!


It could be anywhere. I am having coffee and croissant, the barista offered the choices, americano, cappuccino, … but when I sit to write before finding my way to a cash point that will accept my card, the voices around are speaking Chinese. (Barista switched effortlessly to English when I reached the counter.)   This … More Anywhere

Winter Walking

Low tide, winter beach, space, above below all around, immensity, ambience. Yesterday was one of those days where the kind of thoughts that come unbidden are tumbling through my mind, rapid succession, unrelated, brought in from somewhere in the immensity of far horizons, walking alone in winter. Not unrelated, I will soon be traveling again, … More Winter Walking

Winter Beach Days

I am trying to think “holiday” but as always – trying – wrong way to experience the holiday feeling. I get more of it, and the relax, and the wonder, and the new, and the old, when I am out on the beaches. I shall do bits of proper trying later, doing the Christmas gifts … More Winter Beach Days

Meditation Rocks

Who said weather affected moods? Whoever, whatever, today has swung back to near summer, and I was moody. [I am too appalled by the state of the world, not to mention the hardship suffered by some who are close to me, and my own teeny weeny capacity to hang on to not totally helpless] So … More Meditation Rocks