Summer activity

We all know that the weather happens to favour living in Scotland at the moment anyway, not subject to heatwave distress, just getting some rather nice days and evenings. I was worried that the garden wasn’t getting enough rain, and carrying water downstairs is tiring good exercise, but yesterday we got a good rainshower, so … More Summer activity

Cramond Isle

Yesterday, Sunday, a friend suggested a walk. Where to go? I remembered Cramond Isle, last visited in a Spring three years ago, and looked up the tide tables. For those who do not know, Cramond Isle lies in the Firth of Forth just off Cramond Village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and there is a … More Cramond Isle

Happy cycling

It has been so beautiful for the past few days, I thought it was time to return to cycling for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than just method of travel from A to B. I thought I would go along the canal towpath, flat, and enjoy the sights. Slight mistake there as it seemed … More Happy cycling


I find I am living a full life, full of many surprises as well as the local and world problems and friends and reading some wonderful books and things to do. But, I don’t feel “busy” whatever that means – instead its more like the wonderful Mary Oliver wrote in her poem “Invitation”. What have … More Invitation

Year End

A mild day at the end of another year, though it rained this morning. Lots to read – but thought I would be better out walking while the light lasts and the rain has gone. I crossed to St Leonards and walked down the steps from there, not too mucky. It was Friday, and there … More Year End

Walks, Presencing

Walking on Christmas morning, Edinburgh people will know where I was – at the duckpond by Holyrood [St Margaret’s Loch]. It just happened that the sun was catching the city as I walked home. I have had a couple more walks since, caught the moon in the blue sky, and then this morning was entranced … More Walks, Presencing