Prevention, 3,2,1

When I got off the plane on Tuesday morning at Terminal 5, ready for my connection flight to Edinburgh… well everyone now knows what the overhead TVs were showing, and like everyone, I am so sorry for those who have suffered in so many different ways in Manchester. I am also moved by the families … More Prevention, 3,2,1

The Good News

I have been really busy since I returned to Block Island two weeks ago – resuming walks and talks etc. I take a reflection group, very positive outcome from emotional education talks earlier in the year; I am doing an online course that is the best of these offerings yet – I have even had … More The Good News

Just thinkin’

OK, um , f&(, sht Looking on facebook, but these are all my friends so it is not unexpected that I like post after post, on this day when the contagion of phobia seems to have been triumphant. What about one of my own heartfelt beliefs – we are all human? Even those millions who … More Just thinkin’

Hope and Despair

My last post was a re-blog, thank goodness some people can write and others like Ken Loach can show, that there is a totally dreadful and perverse world out there and some people are suffering it daily, hourly, and the rest of us act helpless/feel useless in the face of this despair. We keep ourselves … More Hope and Despair