First Walk of 2023

I have had a Happy New Year walk to one of the favourite places: Blackford Pond. As most who read this know, I like walking. After last year’s descent into difficulty with maybe sciatica, maybe stenosis, maybe just too sore to walk much, I am now really really appreciative of every step taken, and full … More First Walk of 2023


I find I am living a full life, full of many surprises as well as the local and world problems and friends and reading some wonderful books and things to do. But, I don’t feel “busy” whatever that means – instead its more like the wonderful Mary Oliver wrote in her poem “Invitation”. What have … More Invitation

Year End

A mild day at the end of another year, though it rained this morning. Lots to read – but thought I would be better out walking while the light lasts and the rain has gone. I crossed to St Leonards and walked down the steps from there, not too mucky. It was Friday, and there … More Year End

Dreich Days

It is end November, so no surprise that here it is dark for quite a lot of the time as we are less than 4 weeks away from the shortest day. It is especially dreary on dreich days, so as today was different with forecast crisp and cold … but clear… I took the 29 … More Dreich Days