Summer activity

We all know that the weather happens to favour living in Scotland at the moment anyway, not subject to heatwave distress, just getting some rather nice days and evenings. I was worried that the garden wasn’t getting enough rain, and carrying water downstairs is tiring good exercise, but yesterday we got a good rainshower, so … More Summer activity

End of an Era

Some readers will know exactly to where and what this post refers; others will not. This blog serves me as a Dairy, and so I record for today, what is very important to me. Last week my condo, my home on Block island, was sold. It was bought in 2007, before I began blogging. For … More End of an Era

Happy cycling

It has been so beautiful for the past few days, I thought it was time to return to cycling for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than just method of travel from A to B. I thought I would go along the canal towpath, flat, and enjoy the sights. Slight mistake there as it seemed … More Happy cycling

December Presence

Soon it will be solstice and the days will begin to lengthen. I quite like getting up in the dark, but then as afternoon falls away quickly I think of longer light. I am reading McGilchrist: The Matter With Things” very slowly and have reached Part II. In between picking this weighty tome up, I … More December Presence

Gifts and Gardens

September, time to walk, and meet, and talk. It seems that is what I have been doing. Not planning anything, few commitments. The first photos are of a friend’s garden, she has apples and some came home to become apple sauce. Memories of windfall collecting rise while I chop. Then, the walk there, and around … More Gifts and Gardens


My triffid has grown a flower. About two days ago I noticed a red plume on the window sill and this morning it has opened wide, about 6/7 inches across. I don’t know why I call it the triffid, probably because it is spiny and ugly most of the time but the original small cactus … More Emergence