Time to spend

Traveling again, a brief trip back to Edinburgh. Now, getting away involves getting the boat, this is  Block Island, so even though the plane leaves late evening, I found myself in Boston by midday with time to spend. So I visited the Museum of Fine Art. The photos will remind me of some of the … More Time to spend

RIP Leonard Cohen

Sometimes sad things cheer me up. Try this. Saturday Night Live: Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) performs Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” His unique humour and gifts are out there. Not to mention the music.You can listen here too. “But you’ll be hearing from me long after I’m gone…”

Feels like … 46

The weather app says it is 35, but feels like 46. I have discovered the elderly resident activity. It is sit beside the pond. And watch … not a breath of air … but eventually one sees fish, all sizes, turtles, and patterns in the water. In F, 35 is 95, the 46 feels like … More Feels like … 46