Beautiful Day

Not every day is beautiful, not every morning begins with gladness, however I might wish. This morning, I wakened from restless dreams. Thanks to the bounty of apples from a friend’s allotment, breakfast was good, but restlessness was still present. I thought a walk to George Square and the Labyrinth would keep me sane away … More Beautiful Day

Happy cycling

It has been so beautiful for the past few days, I thought it was time to return to cycling for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than just method of travel from A to B. I thought I would go along the canal towpath, flat, and enjoy the sights. Slight mistake there as it seemed … More Happy cycling


I find I am living a full life, full of many surprises as well as the local and world problems and friends and reading some wonderful books and things to do. But, I don’t feel “busy” whatever that means – instead its more like the wonderful Mary Oliver wrote in her poem “Invitation”. What have … More Invitation

December Presence

Soon it will be solstice and the days will begin to lengthen. I quite like getting up in the dark, but then as afternoon falls away quickly I think of longer light. I am reading McGilchrist: The Matter With Things” very slowly and have reached Part II. In between picking this weighty tome up, I … More December Presence

Another Summer Comes

Was it this time last year I first heard/read/watched Bayo Akomolafe? thanks to all those magic 0s and 1s and the people who understand them and pack them into tiny shards of silicon, this morning I heard some words again. It appears he spoke them three days ago, on June 3rd 2021 : “I speak to … More Another Summer Comes


Sun and wind this morning for cycle ride and walk on Blackford Hill. Home, good tired feel, came across this poem and realize – again – sometimes other people have already said what I want to say, so beautifully. KINDNESS by Naomi Shihab Nye Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future … More Kindness