This week the Corner challenge from WordPress caught my attention as the first time I was in Palmerston North –  way back in 2009 before blogging – I had written a cliche ridden poem – all about this concept of corner, and its many nuances. Google has kindly provided the photo, as I am nowhere … More Corner

Song and dance, celebration and struggle!

Chinese New Year celebrations this morning: A “lion dance” outside the supermarket that is of course open for business. I am not looking [much] at news from elsewhere. Ugh noises. But I am thinking about economics [again], how to eradicate the dreadful inequalities, how to look after this wonderful earth, etc. Scroll down for a … More Song and dance, celebration and struggle!

Poetry Out Loud at BI

Thanks to Nancy Greenaway who enthuses Block island School students in so many ways, one of which is Poetry Out Loud. My eldest grand-daughter and her friends are now old enough to join in, and on Thursday we heard five wonderful young people recite two poems each. They make their own choice from hundreds on … More Poetry Out Loud at BI

Moonrise musings

1st July: “Watch the Moonrise” party at Mitchell farm – the morning had brought thunderstorm, and torrential rain, but by afternoon and evening the the sun shone and the grass looked new. The atmosphere was still heavy with unshed moisture, as the moon rose orange/red to rival sunset.  Overheard: “I knew it would be good … More Moonrise musings

The Greatest Gift

I am having a Mary Oliver moment … or two … or three. Her poetry is a joy.     What is the Greatest Gift? by Mary Oliver, in Red Bird What is the greatest gift? Could it be the world itself – the oceans, the meadowlark,   the patience of the trees in the wind? Could it … More The Greatest Gift