I am on a brief trip to Edinburgh. Travel is part of my life, so I mostly take it as it comes and try not to feel guilty about the airlines use of fuel. There is always a certain amount of stress as one of my homes, Block Island, is … an island. So getting … More Travel…

Peace and Action

Following my last post… I thought I have to do a bit more than just write about the things that matter to me. In that post, I said I have been following a group called World Beyond War. This is one of their posters. it gave me an idea. I also remembered that great poem of … More Peace and Action


It occurs to me that lots of folk I know are pro-peace. They deplore what is happening in Syria, Yemen, all those places we hear about on the news. Of course they may be, like me from time to time, feeling helpless, wanting to just switch off, wondering what on earth can be done. Well … More Pro-Peace

Is this a prayer?

Everywhere is hot, there is the immediate and then the big picture to which I cannot go, I get so frustrated by helplessness. I want a revolution, and have spent years talking about the value of stuff like Evolution, not Revolution. HaHaHa. It comes back to bite. I have a ripe tomato on my little … More Is this a prayer?

Beautiful Days

Block Island is always beautiful, and the weather is changing daily, so walks vary from a still day at Andy’s way, to out in the wind with tossed waves last week, to a glorious day of warmth, blue sky with white cloud patterns and an almost translucent rainbow within one of them. I had the … More Beautiful Days

Peace, Hope, etc.

I think I am on a mission again, but it is better than the rant place. Two things, one from the inbox, the other from an island event have brought hope. Look at the work being done by World Beyond War, you can even sign up to take part in their conference in September, or … More Peace, Hope, etc.