Cramond Isle

Cramond Isle in the Firth of Forth can be reached by a Causeway – when the tide is low. In all my years living in Edinburgh, and loving going to Cramond for the other walks, along the river Almond or the coast to Silverknowes, I had not once got the timing right, and had never … More Cramond Isle

Cramond and Causeway

I have been in Edinburgh nearly 29 years now, and often visit Cramond, but never once managed to time it so I can walk out the Causeway. It is tidal, there are big warning signs and tide tables at the entrance. I thought I migh tmanage to make the island today, but three-quarters of the … More Cramond and Causeway

Sunday Bike Ride

Can it really be only February? [Records are being broken for temperature highs] I remember arriving here about this time last year, and it was all snow and ice – with the usual wind – now it is a not-winter winter.  I went for a bike ride along the canal from Lochrin Basin [just five … More Sunday Bike Ride


Just as well I am here, not there. One reason for being in Edinburgh was that it was obvious that the heating system [over 30 years old] was like me getting a bit past it, and unlike me could be replaced by a new system so I would be making plans for after the winter, … More Gratitude