End of an Era

Some readers will know exactly to where and what this post refers; others will not. This blog serves me as a Dairy, and so I record for today, what is very important to me. Last week my condo, my home on Block island, was sold. It was bought in 2007, before I began blogging. For … More End of an Era

Talking to Strangers

On my walk this morning it was bright – though very cold. The crocus have emerged from the muddy grass and brighten the near view, while the further vista looks very peaceful. As I took the photos of the crocus, a family came across, the mother carrying the youngest child, and a girl and boy … More Talking to Strangers

Beach wondering

It’s that time of year – the wind has dropped, the sun is shining, and a low tide means a long walk on Crescent Beach. Every day the beach is different. It depends what wind, what tide last scoured it. One day it will settle, and that will be the summer beach – some years … More Beach wondering

Sand Patterns

Sand patterns and sculptures within a few hundred yards, after wind and tide, how beautiful. I want to be a fabric designer! Which one would you choose? Thank you iphone. It has just begun to snow, these patterns will go, changed by tide and wind and weather. Before I went out this morning, I read … More Sand Patterns

I think about …

This is me most days out somewhere keeping out of trouble looking after myself hoping to continue being active etc etc And while I am out either I am with a friend (such as one who took this picture) or with others (listening talking sharing) or I am on my own. I go through the … More I think about …


I took this photo last week, then this week the WordPress Photo challenge asks for Minimalist Photo. Their definition: a large portion of negative space, a fairly monochromatic color palette with good contrast, and an interesting subject that is able to stand on its own to capture the interest of the viewer. Does this qualify?