Ice is Nice

This week the weather has gifted this island with variations on a theme of snow and slushy rain and cold bright sunshine. The result has been a myriad of shapes most of which are ephemeral. I would need much more knowledge of cameras and light exposure and such like to take the photos I imagine … More Ice is Nice


This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background I thought that in i-Photo and Photostream there are hundreds of photos which bounce around in some electronic ether waiting to be noticed or deleted – there must be something that applies, even though it was quite unintentional. In about two seconds, I … More Background

Knotty problem

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong What could be WRONG with this, lush greenery caught in the sunlight, showing the beauty of leaf and delicate shade of red on the stem? What is wrong is that it is one of the most invasive species known, Japanese knotweed, and can be seen alongside the road in … More Knotty problem