Jack’s Party

Another glorious day, unexpected. I was invited to Jack’s party, to be held some where in North Berwick.

North Berwick - from the beach looking toward the Seabird Centre

It was his 3rd birthday party, and I had not previously met him, but he is son to A who has been friend to N since we arrived in Edinburgh and they were both 15. I have been away so much it seemed hard to believe, A has a son and he is going to be THREE. It is time I met him. And renewed acquaintance with others of A’s family, and met Jack’s mum. We had a wonderful family day.

N and I took the train from Waverley, always a pleasant trip, walked from the station along the upper road to the Skate Park where the party was to be held. I had never been there before, and had never been along the upper road, as in all the times I have been to North Berwick, like all the day-trippers, I go to the beaches or the Seabird Centre, or have a nice walk along by the golf course or up the main street for the nice wee shops.

North Berwick community skate park, just by the swing park and playing fields.

The Skate Park was a real delight, created by the local community out of what looked like an old shed, it had of course the requisite ply-boarded slopes and curves and all that which were for the party-time empty of older kids.

At the entrance and alongside the skating area, there were places to sit, to get tea, coffee and snacks etc. and all managed and staffed by local folk. There was a half-size snooker table, a real antique with massive carved wood legs, and a bit of tape over the place where the baize had torn. There were comfy sofas, not matching, obviously donations form somewhere. And, at the table where the party food was laid out, two wonderful upholstered benches. Presumably these were also donated, but from where? Too posh and soft to be church pews, though that kind of length, did they come from some ‘big house’ hallway? Or where? No time to follow up the questions but the whole place was great and such a contrast to other leisure

Mummy brings the cake. See some of the upholstered bench Jack is sitting on.

centres I have been in where the decor matches and the company who owns it sets the rates which makes the profit. Hurray for small towns in Scotland, still great places to live in (see views above just ten minutes walk away).

After the cake, and time being up in the skate park, soon re-populated by older youngsters, it was such a glorious day everyone went to the swing park outdoors. I renewed acquaintance with A’s sister and parents, met the other grandmother and various aunts uncles and cousins. Some went to the beach. N and I walked along to A’s sister’s house, talked over old and present times, then went for our walk along the beach. Finally, before catching a train home, we walked to Jack’s house (overlooking the station) where he was now with his parents opening the presents.

Great kid, good family time, great day and thanks to everyone.




2 thoughts on “Jack’s Party

  1. We visit the Brother and family in East Lothian each July, spending our time between their house, ‘our’ holiday house, and North Berwick. I love it all 🙂


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