I started blogging in 2011 when I was living in China. I didn’t understand about blogging at all then, maybe still don’t. I used to have a website, quite different, I wanted it to be interactive, I had no idea what a delight blogging would become.

I have discovered:

whatever other people’s blogs are about, this one is about ME.

Even if it is interactive. Please make it more so, I like to hear from you.

It is about my life. I have discovered that my passion is people, and how life is random, unfair, beautiful, … so there is not much order in the posts.

I have other blogs where I try to be more sorted out – very limited success. WE COULD ALL DO BETTER IN THIS WORLD. My other blogs are

Poetry of Moods and Moments

Transitional Space: The in-between of identity, culture and community

I rant from time to time about rights, or economics, monetary reform, or something. I also love science, but don’t get enough of it any more, I write poetry instead. I go out for a walk or a cycle ride.

I hate photos of myself – so take your pick from these.

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Do they tell you what I am like, was like? You will find out more from looking through the blog posts. Try a sampling





Me and connections – look to find out the more biographical bits – where I am now, where I have been…  Anyone’s guess where I am going.
My first website, created in 1997, yes, 1997, some my worklife, some personal, was wiped out by the webhost but rescued in part as a curiosity at  www.emotionaleducation.org.uk



12 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m still challenged with all things Internet…and I’m in the U.S. God bless you for having the courage to blog from Shanghai where things probably don’t work as well as here or even in the UK.

    …keep on keeping on!

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    1. Now I had to update! Thanks for reading – since Shanghai I have been in UK and am now in USA – I have learnt to love blogging and meet all sorts of people who sound great and encouraging like you are. Aren’t we lucky to have all this to explore?


      1. Err, in my hurry to message you I didn’t read your about page. Quick, change it before I go back and read it.
        Although I doubt that it matters. I think people would get the picture by reading your posts.


  2. I’ve just been clicking my way around your pages. There’s so much interesting stuff to see that I’m going to have to came back later.
    The about page is great. I may take some tips from you if I ever find the time.

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