Hope and Despair

My last post was a re-blog, thank goodness some people can write and others like Ken Loach can show, that there is a totally dreadful and perverse world out there and some people are suffering it daily, hourly, and the rest of us act helpless/feel useless in the face of this despair. We keep ourselves … More Hope and Despair

A bird in the hand

Yesterday morning was the first Ocean View bird walk after the summer season. There were not so many birds visible. A hybrid crab apple tree was enchanting, especially as we have all noted that the other wild trees of apple and pear have almost zero crops this year. [I went biking on Monday to pick … More A bird in the hand

CERN Discovers New Particle Called The FERIR – Guest post by Steve Keen

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
When humour becomes essential in understanding the farcical reality we live in, pieces like this are priceless. CERN Discovers New Particle Called The FERIR CERN has just announced the discovery of a new particle, called the “FERIR”. This is not a fundamental particle of matter like the Higgs Boson, but an…

Love September

The beach was not quite empty. The town is not quite empty either but just right. Shops are still open, but no crowds. F and I went in for a swim. Lovely water, air fresh, but not too cold for walking while we dried off. I love September. I love it on Block Island. I … More Love September

Sea, Islands, Art

Walking by Portobello beach yesterday, I realised how lucky I am that I have always lived within reach of the sea. Or near enough. I wish I could write better, to convey it, or better still, be capable of painting it. Failing that, I do have two friends, from Block Island and from Sanday, on … More Sea, Islands, Art