Quiet Walking

The Edinburgh Festival is going to take place this year somehow or other. I have not looked up the details of how social distance etc etc will be maintained and suspect I might just stay home most of the time. But it is having its effect already – see the photos of one of my … More Quiet Walking

Tech… again

During lockdown my iPad stopped charging, and then died. I have a phone and a computer, so I shoved it in a drawer, and forgot about it. I usually used it as a sort of extra, easy to carry, sometimes could travel without bringing the computer. Then, a couple of days ago, as I’m going … More Tech… again


My triffid has grown a flower. About two days ago I noticed a red plume on the window sill and this morning it has opened wide, about 6/7 inches across. I don’t know why I call it the triffid, probably because it is spiny and ugly most of the time but the original small cactus … More Emergence

Another Summer Comes

Was it this time last year I first heard/read/watched Bayo Akomolafe? thanks to all those magic 0s and 1s and the people who understand them and pack them into tiny shards of silicon, this morning I heard some words again. It appears he spoke them three days ago, on June 3rd 2021 : “I speak to … More Another Summer Comes

A Good Day

It was my birthday. There were phone calls and texts and facetimes from the family. Regular readers know that the grandsons live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, the granddaughters in Block Island, USA, the sisters in Ireland, the nephews and nieces in various other locations far from Edinburgh, so the time differences stretch the calls … More A Good Day

Collective Weather

Wet weather days have led me to attempt to tidy up the desktop. I mean the computer one. I have several physical desktops as I work/read/idle where I feel like being, and that depends a bit on the weather too. The laptop just comes with me, or the book. I don’t feel disorganised or untidy, … More Collective Weather