Love September

The beach was not quite empty. The town is not quite empty either but just right. Shops are still open, but no crowds. F and I went in for a swim. Lovely water, air fresh, but not too cold for walking while we dried off. I love September. I love it on Block Island. I … More Love September

Sea, Islands, Art

Walking by Portobello beach yesterday, I realised how lucky I am that I have always lived within reach of the sea. Or near enough. I wish I could write better, to convey it, or better still, be capable of painting it. Failing that, I do have two friends, from Block Island and from Sanday, on … More Sea, Islands, Art

Fare well, Norway

Back in Edinburgh, thinking about the remainder of my stay in Norway. As the Oslo City Hall celebrates, this is a socially aware country. It is hard to describe in words how that can be seen in a few days, but somehow it is present. A friend, Ingrid, took us on a drive through West … More Fare well, Norway

A Hill Farm, Vihus

Now near Drangedal in West Telemark. When someone like me thinks of Norway of course the fiords come to mind as well as mountains. Here it is inland, mountain and valleys and wood. Trees, all sorts of trees, aspens birch pine spruce … Logging is part of the farm where F lives. On Friday we … More A Hill Farm, Vihus

Loving it

I seem to be preoccupied – not inclined to post. Try to support Jeremy Corbyn. He promotes a needed change, but is the subject of envious attack, probably unconscious. There would not be such a mess if it was rational. Try also to work out how to show a way out of the drastically flawed … More Loving it