RIP Leonard Cohen

Sometimes sad things cheer me up. Try this. Saturday Night Live: Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) performs Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” His unique humour and gifts are out there. Not to mention the music.You can listen here too. “But you’ll be hearing from me long after I’m gone…”

Just thinkin’

OK, um , f&(, sht Looking on facebook, but these are all my friends so it is not unexpected that I like post after post, on this day when the contagion of phobia seems to have been triumphant. What about one of my own heartfelt beliefs – we are all human? Even those millions who … More Just thinkin’


More rocks – different beach – this time to stop me being too bored when walking Finlay. He is in one of the pictures. Why am I with Finlay this weekend ? Because the girls soccer team has been off island playing the final of the CPL championships. And they won.   Block Island Hurricanes are … More Champions

Meditation Rocks

Who said weather affected moods? Whoever, whatever, today has swung back to near summer, and I was moody. [I am too appalled by the state of the world, not to mention the hardship suffered by some who are close to me, and my own teeny weeny capacity to hang on to not totally helpless] So … More Meditation Rocks

Hope and Despair

My last post was a re-blog, thank goodness some people can write and others like Ken Loach can show, that there is a totally dreadful and perverse world out there and some people are suffering it daily, hourly, and the rest of us act helpless/feel useless in the face of this despair. We keep ourselves … More Hope and Despair