Talking to Strangers

On my walk this morning it was bright – though very cold. The crocus have emerged from the muddy grass and brighten the near view, while the further vista looks very peaceful. As I took the photos of the crocus, a family came across, the mother carrying the youngest child, and a girl and boy … More Talking to Strangers

Catkins and Swans

I thought it was about time I cycled again. As I have not cycled for quite a while I thought “flat” and went along the Union Canal – as far as the aqueduct, which was quite far enough. It must be spring, it is certainly warmer than last week. The catkins are out, and a … More Catkins and Swans

Virtual Birdwalk

  What is a virtual birdwalk? [Explanation below.] This was real birding. I just cycled all the way to Duddingston Pond [where I wished I was not wearing the trainers I usually cycle in] and saw over a hundred birds, some very close up.  That adolescent swan was very insistent and nearly as tall as … More Virtual Birdwalk

Winter Wonders

We are all a bit stir-crazy and uncertain of ourselves as the pandemic times and their restrictions continue. Every Friday I am rescued and restored for another week by Grassmarket Community Creative Writing Group. You know who you are. Thank you. We have of now been meeting on Zoom for nearly a year. So we … More Winter Wonders


It is that doldrum time between Christmas and New Year. As I was a teacher/lecturer, this was always a doldrum time, even when I was working, with “must do” whatever sitting on my shoulder, and “not now” stretching from one day to another. I went for a walk yesterday with Edinburgh Son who is staying … More Invitation

My 2020 – don’t get too excited

January: Happily living in Edinburgh. Thanks to Neill, sitting room is redecorated, and I enjoyed the beginning of a group – a “salon” that planned to meet for discussions each month in my lovely space. Activities: Community Singing and Protest in Harmony; Grassmarket Project Creative Writing; visiting friends, reading, internet articles, walking, cycling and bus … More My 2020 – don’t get too excited