It could be anywhere. I am having coffee and croissant, the barista offered the choices, americano, cappuccino, … but when I sit to write before finding my way to a cash point that will accept my card, the voices around are speaking Chinese. (Barista switched effortlessly to English when I reached the counter.)   This … More Anywhere

Poetry Out Loud at BI

Thanks to Nancy Greenaway who enthuses Block island School students in so many ways, one of which is Poetry Out Loud. My eldest grand-daughter and her friends are now old enough to join in, and on Thursday we heard five wonderful young people recite two poems each. They make their own choice from hundreds on … More Poetry Out Loud at BI

Winter Walking

Low tide, winter beach, space, above below all around, immensity, ambience. Yesterday was one of those days where the kind of thoughts that come unbidden are tumbling through my mind, rapid succession, unrelated, brought in from somewhere in the immensity of far horizons, walking alone in winter. Not unrelated, I will soon be traveling again, … More Winter Walking

Finlay can swim

I was happily watching Finlay have fun on the pebbly beach, while I idled the time away balancing a very fine rock, and taking photos of it. Help! Panic! Finlay roused a duck from behind one of the big boulders. He had it in his mouth, it got away, it scrambled, fluttered, Finlay barked so … More Finlay can swim

How not to do it

I do love WordPress, but sometimes I confuse myself. Technology rules. I also love Jacqui Lawson e-cards and you know ’tis the season and all that, so I sent a lot of people an e-card, with a link to a pdf file on here about what 2016 was like for me. Then I heard that … More How not to do it

Winter Beach Days

I am trying to think “holiday” but as always – trying – wrong way to experience the holiday feeling. I get more of it, and the relax, and the wonder, and the new, and the old, when I am out on the beaches. I shall do bits of proper trying later, doing the Christmas gifts … More Winter Beach Days