Away from it all

I am staying in Cornwall with friends K and D. This is relaxation, being attended to, I have really unwound. Yesterday we went in to Tavistock, Devon, walked by the river Tavy, then back to a little more gardening. I do not have a garden of my own, so one of the pleasures of my… More Away from it all


Newhaven: That name has a good sound. Went this morning to explore the local David Lloyd swimming as I had a 2-week membership left over from being in Belfast. They have a great pool, outdoor was windy but good, indoor as usual on a Saturday a bit noisy. Then I walked back to Newhaven Harbour.… More Newhaven


I have been reading Wikipedia. Now that is not a failure – that is one of the greatest and most generous open examples of how people can share and collaborate for the good of all.  In particular, I thought I would see what was said about Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the UK Labour Party,… More Failure

Just looked on Facebook. So many depressed/livid FB friends. I too wanted REMAIN, we got LEAVE but somehow I feel fine about it. I do have a lot of trust in people generally. One of the things that annoyed me most about the EU referendum campaigns was that both sides were speaking to people’s selfishness.… More

Feels like … 46

The weather app says it is 35, but feels like 46. I have discovered the elderly resident activity. It is sit beside the pond. And watch … not a breath of air … but eventually one sees fish, all sizes, turtles, and patterns in the water. In F, 35 is 95, the 46 feels like… More Feels like … 46

3 inch insects

It is hot here. And humid. I try to go out in the morning and I swim in the afternoon. There are some very very interesting insects – a walk up the mountain and under the trees this morning – the noise is deafening, though the insects can’t be seen. I found a dead one… More 3 inch insects

Life in Guangzhou

咱们 生活 Zanmen shenghuo – our life [I think!] Hard to describe the difference – GZ son and grandsons live in an apartment complex, about 40 tower blocks in the inner ring and an outer ring beyond that stacked up a mountain side on the south east of Guangzhou. Ours is number 11, quite close… More Life in Guangzhou