Remembering MLK

Today is Martin Luther King Day. I have had a lot of pleasure during the last years of lockdown etc. watching – and dancing along with – the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Today they sent an email to remember Dr. Martin Luthe rKing Jr. with a brief 2 minute video, of an excerpt from Alvin … More Remembering MLK

Year End

A mild day at the end of another year, though it rained this morning. Lots to read – but thought I would be better out walking while the light lasts and the rain has gone. I crossed to St Leonards and walked down the steps from there, not too mucky. It was Friday, and there … More Year End

Walks, Presencing

Walking on Christmas morning, Edinburgh people will know where I was – at the duckpond by Holyrood [St Margaret’s Loch]. It just happened that the sun was catching the city as I walked home. I have had a couple more walks since, caught the moon in the blue sky, and then this morning was entranced … More Walks, Presencing

December Presence

Soon it will be solstice and the days will begin to lengthen. I quite like getting up in the dark, but then as afternoon falls away quickly I think of longer light. I am reading McGilchrist: The Matter With Things” very slowly and have reached Part II. In between picking this weighty tome up, I … More December Presence


it is over a month since I posted, and if I was to be asked, I don’t know why. I don’t think I have been much busier than usual. However, it is December, and I always have very mixed feelings about this month. However, I put “the decorations” up today, and enjoy doing that, and … More Decorating

Rydal Cave Walk

My nephew Mike married Meg last weekend, a little help from baby Ray. On the Sunday many of us joined them on a walk to Rydal Caves – setting out from White Moss car park in the Lake District. It was misty and magical, a fitting end to a happy warm occasion, though the walk … More Rydal Cave Walk

Want to be wild

I recently went back to worrying about the monetary system and why we have such a disastrous construct. Money is not physics, nor a virus, people/society made it the way it is. Worse, so many people who should know better, are caught in money myths. I watched some of the Positive Money short videos, everyone … More Want to be wild

September Evening Walk

Having spent most of the day at the Climate Psychology Alliance community day, online with more than 20 others trying to explore the intertwining of colonisation, racism and climate, or rather how to be vulnerable to the discomforts of being anti colonisation, racism etc. I felt it was time for a walk out. Now that … More September Evening Walk