create – photo challenge

Maybe its my Irish heritage, but as soon as I read the word “create” in this weeks photo challenge the association was immediate, the kind of “create” as in “Don’t create“, or “stop that creatin’ right now

Not a real person’s picture – everyone needs some privacy

I believe this meaning has the same root as all the other forms of the word, the creation of a work of art or composition of music or scientific theory or mathematical proof. Someone is alive connecting with the world outside and making sure the uniqueness of self can be felt there. Creation is an act of living.

OK, not always comfortable, and OK, maybe better to progress to the works of art or imagination, as in the Fairy House, created under a tree root, a secret place somewhere in Donegal.

A fairy house, built underneath a tree root in Donegal

We tend to think of creation as something grand, why? Like life, creation spans a range from tiny, mundane, all the way to the truly wondrous and aweinspiring.

Though my first association was definitely what I wanted to put up here, I have struggled with this post, worrying about grandiosity, not good enough, falsity, all those things which work against just getting in touch with the world, creating.

Time to see what others do with the idea…

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