Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I am just lucky I suppose. Being given solitary experience is a huge opportunity. There is so much to discover and then share. OK OK this is a photo challenge: Here goes

Recreation Grounds, Huangpu, Guangzhou, China, January 2011.

So, who is solitary?

The woman in silhouette?

The runner in white sweatshirt?

Not all those tower blocks with hundreds thousands millions of people?

None of them

the solitary is me behind the camera

this picture of the recreation grounds in the Huangpu district of Guangzhou was a shortcut from where my chinese in-laws lived to the nearest Starbucks, for my coffee. I took photos.

You would not believe, but I really had not taken it in,

the recreation ground belonged to the local Chinese Army Barracks

White western woman taking photos…maybe I shouldn’t be publishing here…

On my next attempt to walk through the rec, I was banned. Very polite, very young, very unshakeable chinese guards told me I could not enter.

No different from anywhere. Probably nicer than most places. I had to walk all the way round (about 3 miles of street) if I wanted that coffee.

The solitary different person does not take photos of army territory, even of innocuous running track.

I may not have been the only western person in HuangPu, though until my son arrived I might have been, Guangzhou is a huge city with many westerners, but this is not one of the areas where they usually live. I do think I was probably the only western white-haired elderly woman in the whole of the area. What on earth did I think I was doing?

 ‘Solitary’ seems personal, it says “I am the only one, I’m by myself”.

An opportunity…

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

    1. I loved Chengdu when I was there – the river seemed to be all around. Chengdu was where I discovered I could walk about anywhere in the evening and still feel safe, however different I was. Not like my own home!


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