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IMG_5737This is me most days out somewhere keeping out of trouble looking after myself hoping to continue being active etc etc

And while I am out either I am with a friend (such as one who took this picture) or with others (listening talking sharing) or I am on my own. I go through the thoughts in my head and recently learnt another name for it: “Open monitoring meditation calls for you to watch your thoughts and feelings without reacting to them. With open monitoring, you learn to observe the ebb and flow of “mind chatter” in a detached way — not following a thought. This type of meditation helps you to be more flexible emotionally and, like focused attention, less reactive to negative emotional events.” [found via wander-round-blogs] I think this is like counter-transference or “use-of-self” or “mindfulness” or, or , or… It does not matter what it is called.

Things I think about and someday maybe intend wonder if I will ever get round to blogging about.

Being ordinary, not special, not achieving, not measuring success, is a good thing

Neuroscience is amazing I won’t have time to discover all this

I never had time to discover all the physics I once knew either, nor psychoanalytic ideas about thinking about thinking.

What about Hall effect inside the brain? Who might be looking at that? What about relativity and

A space time diagram
A space time diagram

spacetime and what it means for sharing and being together with other that which is next beside us contiguous half a world away and still affected by something over here

I don’t know enough physics never did but I do like thinking about it and thinking about what it means for reflecting on one’s memory – if that red line is so one-dimensional in respect of where one actually was, using reflective aware memory might add a dimension so one could have been more places than one had actually been and then one could in the future go to a wider range of places than one had actually been.

OK – now you think I have lost it.

Who really ever knows anyone else? I AM ordinary. I AM unique etc. So are you.

Kindness and compassion is good for you. More than that – developmental. They involve reaching out to others other – that is other is anything not me. A good thing.

Other things I want to blog about:

KK NIRDP BI CHINA rant about politicians and bankers and warmongers who spread distancing from other people and what happens to them. Reading other blogs about stuff – a good thing.

neo-liberalism sucks, ditto especially neo-liberal capitalism, maybe ditto all isms. I am trying to teach myself economic theory, and more important, what is economics about as most of the theory theories  books (all found on internet wonderful wonderful internet, thank you physicists and scientists technicians of discovery not of hahahha hypothesis and check it out science because you can’t find a question that you have not already thought of so you can’t invent and discover because you won’t take a risk, though this is OK for confirmation tactics I suppose, not risking too much.)

Oh Oh lost it again… or did I? You see neo-liberal capitalism is about someone else getting the risk, trying always to put the risk out there to the other. NOT KIND. NOT COMPASSIONATE. NLC sucks at every level and isn’t even good for those who “do well” in it. Politicians PLEASE PLEASE say this loud and clear and change direction for your own sakes if no -one else’s.

Also trying to keep up with other learning – again wonderful wonderful internet and apps on my iphone – Chinese language and online courses like Future Learn. I am trying to share thoughts on prejudice and discrimination, thoughts about the well and the ill, thoughts about those who need basics all over the world and right here in the idiotic NLC sucks west, while I am happy healthy and OK. Hopes for all those too.

Cared for and cared about - hope for the future.
Cared for and cared about – hope for the future.

Oh yes – want to blog about Rights, Human Rights, Child Rights and Rights based politics and government. Can you believe that the USA still has not ratified the CRC? The USA apparently agrees with Somalia and South Sudan the only other narcissists countries who have not ratified.

It is time for lunch.

Did you think you knew me?

Ah well, now you know a bit more.

Writing is good for you me. I feel happy. Or happy enough. Enough is a good word. I will change the world later.




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