Rydal Cave Walk

My nephew Mike married Meg last weekend, a little help from baby Ray.

On the Sunday many of us joined them on a walk to Rydal Caves – setting out from White Moss car park in the Lake District. It was misty and magical, a fitting end to a happy warm occasion, though the walk was wet.

Below are just some photos I took on the walk. The colours were quite amazing.

2 thoughts on “Rydal Cave Walk

  1. Land of wonder, enchanted forests, mysterious caves, does that tree with the black roots get up and walk during the night? C.S. Lewis would have said so and I do too.

    What a marvellous trek you all had, mucky trainers getting battered and loving it.

    Soooo much beauty, too much for one look, needs to be stared at for the longest time.

    Thank you.

    I was there – in my mind.

    Best love to everyone,




    1. If you do get time to look more closely, I am in my long green raincoat in a picture with Kamalu from Boston, Meg’s aunt, whom I met when she and her husband came to Block island a few years ago. Gosh – time flies! This post was definitely for me to have in a future time when I look at the yesterdays.


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